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Crossfire ghost mode hack

Tip 2: If you ghost can hear the crossfire breath of a ghost, you should be extremely careful! .
Ghosts have to sit down, then move backwards while mode pressing the Space Bar.
Keep your grenade ghost (powerful grenade such as Wide Grenade is recommended) instead of throwing it during the beginning of the match.Still watch out for the gun noise, though.Black List wear partial invisibility suits and must plant.First off I want to say that I don't hack consider myself to be pro as most people call it in mode GM, I think the title of pro is reserved for those who have perfectly or close to perfectly mastered the skill of being mode a GMer.Most, and I hate using this word, noobs think they're invincible because they have a machine gun and so they can spray every friggin' centimeter OF THE MAP.A medium level of PPing is being able to hear the ghost and then be able to figure out where he is within a couple feet.Footstep Sound Down: Reduce footsteps sound when they are moving/running.MP5 - Weak sauce rsonally I hate this gun but don't let it stop you from choosing it if you like.Shovel- probably the most annoying * youll come across.Its a part of the community, if you dont like it, get off the computer.Also, there was a time that hackers can use Ghost Mode maps and play like the casual Search Destroy Mode, where the Black List side fully arms weapons like the Global Risk. They can also see their footsteps in water and sometimes even trough lasers some other sources of light.

You will still be visible but more invisible than sprinting.Dealing with hackers, hackusators and manual what not: If youre one of those people who thinks having a space hacker on your team is brilliant and integra youd win every single round, stop reading manual this guide.Slashing with an axe is also a lucky thing because if you slash at the head, sometimes youll get a one hit kill even if the guy has 100.Although the weight brings you down a little, but having a good pistol will definitely match the bag.Doesnt matter what kind of weapon you have, but just as long as you can bhop for your life.Although having shovel makes life easy, youll get people saying kick that shovel noob and some will kick you.Reckless C4- theyll take their kills with the C4 while telling all joystick of GR where they are. Its light service weight makes movement easy and efficient when youre trying to get from one place to another.
Machine guns - if you can aim with MGs, go for it but theyre integra really not worth the hassle.
But thats calculator how you.